'Soft launch' for the Nordic Building Room with URIF

'Soft launch' for the Nordic Building Room

On March 3, we had a 'soft lauch' for the Nordic Building Room at Startup Campus in Oslo.

Håkon Reisvang from i4technology giving an inspirational talk about digital future

24 young engineers from URIF visited us and heard Håkon Reisvang from i4 technology talk about how technology develops, how it is connected and how to implement it.

Roar Smelhus from 6CST gave a lecture about sustainability and urban development, while Tony Lindquist from Collaprime, together with Fatmir Nikqi from Finnish Partners did a demonstration of the CAVE and its opportunities.

The event ended with an inspirational talk and a mini drone demo by Erik Norman Hansen.

“We hope we have inspired the participants to join us in the transition of the construction and real estate industry into the digital future and that we will see you again at our future events.”

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